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How To Train A Puppy.

Training your new puppy is very important and is one of the major ways of showing that you care about him or her. New puppies have no idea where to eliminate and it is your job to show them the proper place to do so, if you do not want to find mess all over your house. The puppy will master your training very easily but only if you use the right procedure. The steps below will help you train your puppy without much struggle.


Understand your puppy’s behavior

A puppy is not aware of what is wrong and right; it is therefore your task to train them as you desire. Like for instance, a puppy does not know if eliminating on the carpet or under the chairs is wrong. It is very important to first monitor the behavior of your puppy then choose how to train them. Once you catch them in wrong, make them do the right thing at that moment. Avoid pushing or punishing them on the unwanted behavior as this will confuse him or her. Age determines the ability to train your puppy, at a young age puppies have loose bladders hence hard to control themselves; they should be treated with care and kindness at this age for the to learn.

Create a suitable environment

dogBuying or constructing a crate or den for your puppy is important for training. This helps the puppy understand that they should eliminate far away from eating and sleeping areas. The den also keeps your puppy secure away from danger, train the puppy to run and hide in their house in case of attack. When going out for job you can also lock your puppy in there. Make sure that the den is divided properly with sleeping, eating and eliminating areas and make sure he or she knows how to use them properly.

Come up with a schedule

A schedule is very important when training your puppy, develop eating and going out schedules. Never allow your pet to eat anything anytime when they feel like. It will be good too if you train your puppy to be going out minutes before meals. For success consistency is required on the schedules, if you keep on changing your schedules, then your puppy will get confused and never learn. Involving everyone in your home during training is important especially in this schedule part, if everybody comes up with their own rules the dog will not learn. Hence you need to stick to a particular schedule known by everyone.

Clean messes

Use disinfectants and spray to clean any mess from your puppy, this is because, they have a strong smell sense for urine hence will urinate on the same point again and again if the place is not cleaned properly. Buy pet mess cleaners and use them for cleaning messed up areas.

Reduce supervision

Supervise every movement of your puppy when they are new that is from eating, sleeping and even eliminating points. Do this up to the time the pet cries to be taken out to eliminate, do not ignore when the pet calls to be taken out. Expect the pet to go against your rules at some point; this comes from maturity and curiosity.

Withdraw supervision completely

cute dogWhen the puppy is fully grown and can take care of them, even when you are not around then you can stop all supervision. Make sure that it has a place it can hide when you are away in case something tries to attack them. Spread newspapers at the corners of their den to use where they want to eliminate, and they are locked up. When on vacation, do not leave your puppy all alone, get somebody to take care of them.