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How to choose a good dog subscription box

A dog subscription is a good way to make sure that your dog has a constant supply of snacks, treats, and toys. With the busy lifestyle, it might be difficult to get time to shop for your dog. You need to look for a good subscription that will deliver interesting items and snacks for your dog. Once in a while, you need to treat your dog to something out of the norm. Since you might not get time to go and shop, the best way is to look for a dog subscription to do it for you.

Choosing a dog subscription box

The needs of your dog

Every dog is unique, and this means that you need to look for a dog subscription that will be ideal for your dog. For instance, aspects like the size of your dog are important when choosing a dog subscription. Bulldogs might require a different box from puppies because the two have different needs. Bulldogs like to chew, and they need a lot chewable in their subscription box. Always determine the needs of your dog to be able to find the right subscription for your dog.

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What does subscription include?

The secret behind any good dog subscription box is uniqueness. A dog subscription box is supposed to offer dog treats. Therefore it should be something out of the ordinary that your dog will like. For instance, most of the dog subscriptions will offer treats in the form of snacks, toys, and chews. These are things that your dog will love and appreciate. A good subscription should not be boring; it should offer interesting treats every time.


Customization is important when it comes to a dog subscription. For instance, if your dog is allergic to soy or wheat, then they should be able to customize your package and come up with something that is still worthwhile. If you have a bulldog, then you should request for a little bit rough toys. Look for a dog subscription that can customize the box to meet your request.

gift for Bulldogs

Savings in cost

Apart from making you save time going to shop for your dog. The subscription should also save you in cost. The items offered by the subscription should be lower in cost compared to going shopping for the item. You should have some cost savings by getting a dog subscription.