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Benefits Of Using Paper Cups

Paper cups are made to be used only once by a single individual. You should dispose of them after use. This ensures that germs and diseases are not transferred from one person to another. This is unlike other cups which will be used by one person, washed and then passed to another person. In case these cups are not correctly washed, diseases and germs are passed from one person to another. This will never happen when using paper cups.

Paper cups come in many forms

paper cupsThe main groups of paper cups are two. The type that is meant for hot drinks like tea and coffee and the other type is for cold drinks such as soda and milk. The paper cups made for a hot drink are insulated. These makes the paper cups very convenient and friendly because you will never burn your hands in case you are carrying a hot drink.

Paper cups are environmentally friendly compared to plastics and Styrofoam

This is because the paper is biodegradable meaning that it breaks downs into manure after disposal. Other materials making another type of cups sit in and feeling the land hence pollution. The material making plastic cups is also recyclable; this means that after use the paper cups can be transformed to other products. Paper cups is becoming the new trade in marketing drinks. Many companies are using these disposable paper cups to market their products. This makes it possible for the company to advertise without harming the environment and also keeping their customers safe as paper cups are disposed of after use. It is a very cheap way of reaching to a large number of customers.


Paper cups too come in many sizes, designs, shapes and attractive colors; this adds more beauty in the case used in parties. They have shown to be the right drinkware for any drink. For firms using them for advertisement, they can print their logos on them as a way of marketing.

Paper cups are more condensed meaning that they store easily

Paper cups can be put in stacks unlike another type of cups. So if you are having space issues in your business, then you should consider paper cups, you can fit a double number of paper cups than other types in the same space.

Paper cup lids come in many types

paper cups for coffeeFor example, yogurt lids are in two types, press on releasable lid used for family size paper cups and a heat seal foil used for small size paper cups for serving one person. The lids are very helpful when one wants to avoid spillage. For example when filled with a hot drink. Another type of lid is the one with a straw hole in the middle of the lid. This majorly is for paper cups used to hold cold drinks. Hot drinks too have lids with a vent to allow escape of vapor. This, however, has been outdone by the fitting lids to avoid spillage of the hot drink.