Administering flu shots to the population of a country will reduce the chances of spreading and contracting the flu. This, therefore, translates to lesser cases or probably no cases of the flu, and so there is not going to be any cases of hospitalization, therefore no hospital bills incurred on the flu. The cost which would be incurred in catering for hospital bills can be incurred in carrying out some productive economic activities.

Economic benefits of flu shot

Labor saving

wedfrdDue to reduced mortality and disability rate, the healthy population can form a strong workforce to the economic activities. If the population of a state is safe from the flu, it will form a strong and healthy labor force. The life expectancy of a state that emphasizes is also boosted and therefore the workforce is also boosted.

Safe travel and mobility

With the assurance that a state’s population is safe, investors can travel freely throughout the country carrying out economically productive activity. Having good health will not limit individuals from traveling throughout the country, and therefore they can go to work and be productive.

Saves time

wsdxscdIf an individual is contracted with influenza, he or she will probably be stuck in the hospital’s bed will have his or her relatives come to visit him in the hospital to see how they are doing. This time that they go to visit their patients in the hospital would be usefully used in the production of goods and services if there was administering of influenza vaccine in the first place.

Peace is also ensured if the population is safe from contracting the flu. A state that is prone to the spread of the flu cannot have stability because it is worried about how to protect its citizens and this can lead to a lack of peace. Economic activities could not be carried well in a country if instability was a stumbling block.