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How To Get Most From Your Air Conditioning Service

When you put on your AC unit on a hot day, and you realize it is not working, it can be quite frustrating. It is recommended to hire professional engineers and technicians to carry out air conditioning service as part of regular repair and maintenance. The following are some checks, which you can do between to keep the unit running smoothly.

Keep your AC clean

The majorita fany of AC faults are as a result of lack of cleanliness. In fact, by dusting the vents on a regular basis can have a great difference as far as the life of your unit is concerned. The other way of improving the performance of your system is to remove the filters, spray them with antibacterial spray and rinse using warm water.

Clean or change the air filter

The major reason why your air conditioning system has a filter is to protect its mechanics inside and keep the air inside your home clean. If the filter is not clean, you will make your system less efficient and worker harder. This means that your energy bills will be very high. Some filters can be cleaned instead of replacing them while others cannot be cleaned but must be replaced. For instance, an electrostatic filter can be cleaned, and a disposable paper filter or fiberglass filter can be replaced at least twice a year. You need to check it on a regular basis, and a filter that requires replacement will look to be clogged with dust.

Obstruction of condensing unit

Condensing unit is just a part of the air conditioning system that pulls the air in. Unfortunately, if it is obstructed by dead leaves, weeds, or outdoor furniture, your AC system will not function as required. It is advisable to make the cleaning the unit part of your routine maintenance.

Check airflow

You shouldac check airflow of the unit both on inside and outside the unit. After removing obstructions from your condensing unit, you should check whether the airflow is consistent and powerful on both units. On the other hand, if the airflow is quite poor, it is an indication that the system has a failing fan or a blocked coil. In many instances, it is necessary to seek the services of professional technicians to investigate the issue and offer a solution.

Rust or corrosion

You should check your system, mainly outdoor unit for rust or corrosion signs. Painting can help repair minor issues. If it is severe, you should seek the assistance of professionals.